Detail King | Auto Cosmetic
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Auto Cosmetic

Our range of high-pressure units are designed for use in automotive, agricultural, industrial, construction, car wash, industrial cleaning and many other applications,

The Dell Series is a vertical compact washer ideal for mobile use or small services, Gocta and Tugela series are innovative units that powers high performance for the most difficult works and services .

Detail King Dublin provides an affordable range of single and three-phase cleaners, accessories and add-ons are ideal for anyone wanting to start up their own business.

Anti Rain Coat

This product serves as “invisible wiper”and ensures the “effect of dry windows”even during strong rain, eliminating the need for using wipers. It leaves the transparent, antistatic layer on the surface of the glass which allows for very rapid flow of the drops.

Diamond Cut

Active foaming concentrated formula for special assignments. Its power and efficiency are perfect for cleaning the extreme greasiness and for washing cars, trucks, buses, etc.


Thanks to specialized research, the car care product was created that perfectly masks the minor scratches and damages,removes grease, traces of insects or asphalt,simultaneously causing very deep gloss of the coachwork.

Engine Care

The product specially prepared for cleaning and conservation of the engines.It is perfect even in extreme situations.It degreases and dissolves even the most permanent dirt. Simultaneously, it blackens and conserves the cleaned areas.

Wheel Cleaner

The cleaning liquid of the highest quality used for aluminum and steel wheel rims. It effectively removes permanent dirt,grease, tarnish from braking pads etc., and has excellent polishing properties.

Tyre Gloss

The product intended for polishing and conservation of rubber elements. It causes the formation of a water-resistant, protective layer degreases, and equalizes the colour.It doesn’t leave any marks or stains and gives glossy or matte effect, depending on its usage.

Plastic Cleaner

It is a universal and very efficient liquid for cleaning all types of plastic elements. It perfectly removes dirt and grease, leaving a pleasant citrus scent. Thanks to the unique composition, it refreshes cleaned surfaces and restores the original color.

Ultra Shampoo

Ultra-effective washing concentrate for cars. It perfectly cleans car body, chromes, rubber and plastic elements and all kinds of trims. It is biodegradable and does not destroy or tarnish the cleaned surfaces.